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It is significant to send and receive birthday wishes and greeting cards in general and we realized this when we started our family in the East End of London.

My wife Rose and I remember being on the receiving end of the traditional sing-along “Happy Birthday to you”.

In my case, if there was a bottle of ginger ale in the groceries cabinet, yep, I’d get a bit of that. If there was no ginger ale, yep! Right again! A cup of bush tea would do! The icing was a slice of sponge cake. There was no blowing out of Candles.

As I grew older the novelty wore off and naturally the tables were turned. Rather than receiving, it was my turn to give. It was no longer about me, It was now about us.

Rose and I  have one magic thing in common. We love birthdays!

We found that sending birthday wishes to those who mattered to us was just as rewarding but finding the perfect birthday card seemed like a challenge.

Family Birthdays

When we started our family, two beautiful children, Chris and Nat, we never missed their birthdays! 

There was always anticipation, you know, like the Christmas feeling!

The once a year type of thing!

So the occasions were:

When it was my turn it was:

  • Dad, you are the Greatest! Happy Birthday!

The excitement was visible from the smiling faces. There was always promises of being a better person.  It was reassuring to know that the people we love and cared for, cared about us in return.

We started talking business, serious business! The focus was now about us getting paid for what we enjoy doing.

Do What You Enjoy And Get Paid

We decided to go into the greeting cards business and spread the joy of sending and receiving greeting cards, and of course, get paid for what we enjoy doing.

Whatever way it's looked at, it is a win-win situation. I mean, a birthday is celebrated every day of the year!

We knew there was more we could have accomplished from our passion for greeting cards. And as a close-nit family we knew we had the capacity to pursue our idea even though it looked like the greatest challenge we had ever faced. 

Bottom line, it was easy! Easy to set up and easy to manage.

Our previous and combined experience in private (retail) and public service management gave us the edge in managing our high street store. That was a huge plus, and on that note I will say, if you are thinking of starting a small business, you should first and foremost think seriously of at least reading up on small business start-ups. There is plenty of information that you can obtain on this topic on-line and a good place to start for example could be at:

Just as we found the perfect individual birthday greeting card, we were able to find the right suppliers and manufacturers who were willing to work with us and supply the perfect product at a perfect price.

We started with supplies of Relations birthday and friendship, and we gradually moved on to other titles such as wedding and anniversary as well as other occasions. 

Surprise! Surprise! We realized that we were not unique with our love for the beautiful, kind and loving words that came inside those cards.  We made many people happy and our customer base grew by the day.

Not only were we able to supply a good quality product locally, we were now able to attract customers regionally.

On-line Experience

While we found it straight forward to set up our high street retail store, our experience in setting up online for reaching a broader market was not that simple.

With so many "professionals" out there offering website services it was easy to fall into a maze of misinformation and rather than advancing our online  business plans, we were hindered.

However we were determined to push through with our on-line plans and our further  research led us to Sitesell where we discovered a trove of information.  This was the best result we obtained from our all research. 

We saw Sitesell's program as a great opportunity to learn the on-line business; just what we were looking for and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

For anyone aspiring to do business on-line and to better understand everything that is involved in the cyber world, there can be no better place to start. will be right for you.

Our goal now is to continue supplying perfect birthday wishes and more. Supplying quality products and service at a competitive price to all our customers.

We will share our ideas and experiences with you and show you how you too can make it a Lucrative Business.

Contact us here and we will tell you why all the talk was about Us being the leaders in the market!

Whether you are Receiving, Sending, or Retailing, the result is the same.


Sending perfect birthday wishes is more than just cards.

It is Rewarding!

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