Sending Birthday Wishes is Lucrative
It is a Win Win Business!

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Sending Birthday Wishes can be very rewarding to everyone involved in the process as we personally have experienced over the past years.

Birthdaywishesandmore's selection of greeting cards presents great choices and styles with high quality print and many words of inspiration. 

Having been in the Greeting Cards business for a number of years, we are able to say with confidence that this is a business proposition that remains vibrant despite the widespread use of social media.

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A birthday is celebrated every day of the year and no matter how birthday wishes are expressed, sending a birthday card remains the most popular and the most traditional way of expressing how we feel about someone.

It is fair assumption that a birthday card can be described as a very effective communication tool upon which the survival of a relationship sometimes depends.

While some might suggest that the role of social media has drastically changed communication methods, the role of the greeting card is embedded in our social culture and of course there is the added value of the personal touch.

The greeting card industry points to a healthy future because of the many innovative ideas that continue to emerge.  


No Chance of Survival

When we got into the greeting cards business we were not given a chance to survive because every store “down the road” sold greeting cards.  The problem was they all sold the exact same product.  It was like they all had the same supplier. And because customers had no choice the status-quo continued.

Customers had no choice until we brought in some very unique cards, new designs and very different quality. 

We made good strides into the market and we found a great supplier who was able to provide the perfect cards.  A wide range, beautiful designs with high quality print and style, all at a very competitive price.

While the other stores supplied greeting cards that had finger prints all over them, our  cards were professionally cello wrapped and customers were able to handle the cards without any fear of soiling them.

Choosing to cello wrap our cards was an investment decision worth making.

Our Investment

We also invested in areas of customer service sales and delivery and the strategy paid off well because we were able to provide our customers with a product that they wanted and at a price they could afford.

We did all the right things from having the proper shop fittings to merchandising and packaging. 

Customers knew if they wanted to send perfect birthday wishes, there was only one place to shop.

Some believed our strategy was risky but our opinion was very different.

Taking Risks

The whole idea of being in business is being prepared to take risks because at the end of the day, that is what business is all about.

Once we got settled, we felt it was no longer a risk. We started distributing to other retailers in other areas as demand continued to grow.

For anyone wishing to move into this industry, we believe it is a right choice as the opportunities are there for all players in the market. If you are able to supply your customers with the right product at the right price, go for it because you, your customer and the receiver are all winners.

A Win-Win Business

Like all businesses the greeting cards industry has its challenges and as the business owner you have to make the decision that is going to keep your business on the winning track. 

  • Make the right choice that will make you different from your competitors
  • Provide content and good variety that your customers feel happy with
  •  Deliver value for money; A good range of greeting cards that will inspire your customer and the receiver of your product

These are just three ingredients of the winning proposition.

Sending Birthday Wishes is rewarding.  It is a Win-Win Business!

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We will share our ideas end experiences with you and tell you how you too can make sending birthday wishes a lucrative business.

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